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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Prison kittens update

Well, the friendly mama and her five babies and the other set of two babies born to a feral mama all go to be spayed/neutered tomorrow.  They are all so sweet (they were born inside the prison gates and had lots of handling and socialization from the inmates).  They'll be available for adoption next week.

The second five prison kittens (born outside the prison gates so extremely extremely feral at 6 weeks) went to a new foster home this weekend.  Elizabeth and her son, Phillip, used to TNR in New York and are used to interacting with very feral kittens.  Phillip is 17 and is home during the day and able to give the kittens a lot more one-on-one socialization than I could.  They picked up the kittens Saturday and we decided it was best to seperate Alcatraz from the other kittens since he was the most hardcore -- the old "divide and conquer".  Apparently it's working because Liz just let me know that Phillip was able to hold Alcatraz today.  That little kitten was more fierce than some adult ferals I've had so this is huge, huge, huge!!  I am very thankful for Liz and Phillip.  Not only are they fostering the last set of prison kittens, but they adopted Bridgey last year and are now volunteering with Alley Cats and Angels.

We love our adopters and volunteers! You are all awesome.

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