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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Adventures in Spring Hope Trapping Project - Part 2

We received a call yesterday around noon that a local low-cost clinic has 12 spay/neuter spots available for today, can we fill the slots with ferals, and oh by the way, no cost - they were already paid for.  Um, heck yeah - free spay/neuter when we are working on such a large colony with very limited funds.  I don't care how late we're there trapping after work, we'll fill those slots.

Immediately called the caregiver and asked him to pick up food and not feed until we come by tonight.  That we'll be bringing back the 15 that were spayed/neutered and vaccinated and will be trapping again for spay/neuter.

After work, we rush home, changes clothes, meet up at my house, drive to pick up the kitties, and then drive to Spring Hope to return the cats. Open up traps to release cats and then start baiting and setting traps again.  Now, I've not had lots of luck retrapping cats, but this poor kitty that was just released keep going back into the trap.  Not so smart male kitty - you were given canned food while you recovered from surgery, you're not starving!  NINE times we let him out of traps - nine (we counted)!!! We had success trapping 12 in about an hour. 

It's amazing how the caregiver went from not wanting us to trap/spay pregnant cats when we were there on Sunday to cheering us on and hoping we'd get the pregnant cats last night.  I guess he knows how much worse the situation will get if they all were allowed to have babies.  10 of the 11 females trapped Sunday were pregnant or in-heat. 

Our next trapping is Easter Sunday, we are unable to get slots until then.  Well, we might be able to get appointments for one or two cats but it's about an hour drive each way to/from the location, so we really have to do the mass trapping because with full-time jobs and the other rescue responsibilities, we can't drive 2 hours to just trap 1 or 2 for spay/neuter and then after recovery, drive 2 hours back to return the cats. 

I think we'll be taking in many kittens from this colony.


Random Felines said...

That is amazing!!! Though mom laughed out loud about the male cat that kept going in the trap.

meowmeowmans said...

So, so awesome! What a great story -- especially the part about the caregiver's change of attitude! And so funny about the male cat who kept going back into the trap. :)

Admiral Hestorb said...

My goodness..that male cat..I had to laugh.

You are all angels. The cats and the rest of us are all grateful.