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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mama Mia!!!

Three new intakes and four kittens were scheduled for spay/neuter, rest of vetting today.  Loaded up the kittens into carriers, loaded up two of the new intakes (will go to foster home after vetting, at my house for quarantine and until vetted).

Went to load up the one cat who's about 10-14 months old and I thought was in heat since she kept me up all night since we took her in on Thursday night yowling.  Oh my, oh dear - what's that (quite frankly, not the real words that came out of my mouth).  She was in the process of giving birth.  I thought we scheduled her pretty quickly considering she was just taking in Thursday night.  And she absolutely did not look pregnant at all - let alone about to pop.  She had given birth to one and in the process of birthing another one when I had to leave for work.  Someone going by my house to check on her throughout day.  But now I need to find her a new foster home since the one she was going to typically just does adults or older kittens (yay - those are hard to find).


Random Felines said...

Never fails those kitties have better things to do than follow the plans we have. Good luck with the foster situation.

Admiral Hestorb said...

Bless your heart and the new mama too.