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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Heartwarming, easy going, loving and fun - gorgeous single gal seeks forever home

Charlotte is a gorgeous female marble torbie just over a year old. Charlotte has big beautiful green eyes that would make most supermodels green with envy! She is affectionate, grateful, happy, playful, versatile, likes toys, getting brushed, scratched and petted. She’s great on her own and happy to play solo or snooze. Very easy care, gentle and quick learner with minimal direction. Charlotte is happiest in a monogamous relationship as she loves her people so much she gets a jealous around other cats.

Let's be honest, Charlotte just doesn't like other cats - she depises, loathes, hates, detests, etc. other animals!  But she's a fantastic lady as long as she's the only pet and she really needs a forever home. If you're a one pet house, this might be the girl for you.

Because she really does not like other cats, Charlotte becomes increasingly stressed at adoption events and therefore only makes a rare appearance. Please help us spread the word to help Charlotte find her forever home.


kraftekat said...

I also have a cat that hates other cats. She refused to accept the stray I rescued from the cold. And now it appears that the stray I named Isabella wants to be the alpha cat. So it's been a struggle balancing between these 2 female cats.

meowmeowmans said...

Charlotte, you are beautiful. We certainly understand about you wanting a home that is yours and yours alone. We have a few kitties at PAWS like that, too. We'll purr and pray for a forever home for you, sweet girl. Until it comes, though, we know you are in the very best hands with the folks at Alley Cats and Angels!