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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Arthur, playing and then at emergency vet

Here's sweet, teeny tiny Arthur playing with a catnip knot. Catnip knots aren't very big and he's barely bigger than the toy!  

Less than an hour after the video, Arthur decided to jump off his kitty play condo (which isn't very high) and do a face plant onto the floor.  He started gushing blood and his lip looks torn.  He's is currently at the Veterinary Specialty Hospital in Raleigh (  He'll be staying over night so he can be closely monitored.  His lip tore more and the wire that was through the skin and soft tissue into the bone looks displaced.  He'll get a surgical consult in the morning.  Arthur is already so underweight that any impairment to his ability to eat could be devastating. Yes, that does mean more medical expenses.  

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Susan Greene said...

Gosh, doesn't it just figure? Here's wish him a speedy recovery.