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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Community Events

We handed out lots of literature over the weekend, raised more community awareness of our organization, sold some catnip toys, tshirts, etc. to raise some money for our medical fund, AND saved some kittens this weekend at our community events!  We raised more money than anticipated from donations and sales.  Awesome!

We had three community events and for the most part, the weather held out until the end (exception - OutRaleigh event, it took 4 people to hold down the tent around 1PM because the wind was so bad).

We had people come by our booth at Apex Peak Fest that had bought our awesome handmade catnip toys last year so they could buy more.  Yay!

At Meet in the Street in Wake Forest, Jill came across a lady with two kittens she needed to find homes for and it was 90 degrees out, and they had no water.  The kittens were panting and close to distress. Fortunately, we always have carriers in our car.  These two beauties are friendly and playful and had nice full bellies when they went to bed that night.

Jill and Nicky, two of our board members working it!

 Our new tshirts

Tricia, one of our TNR Task Force Leaders at OutRaleigh

Meet in the Street rescue kittens

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meowmeowmans said...

I'm so glad to hear the events were a success. And I'm so grateful that Jill happened upon that woman with the kittens. They are adorable, and I'm so glad they are safe with you now!