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Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's an awesome day!

On March 23, we took in a litter of four kittens, three of which  tested faint positive for FeLV.  They were only four weeks old so they have been in quarantine since they so they could be retested once they were over 60 days old as the mom's antibodies can stay in them for that long.  The one FeLV negative boy has been quarantined by himself, and the other three quarantined together.  I tried not to get attached to them just in case but that sure didn't work - I love them so much.

We retested Tuesday evening (they are now over 60 days old) and the negative boy was still negative, one of the faint positives was definitely negative but the other two were too close to call.  So we made an appointment and had them retested at the vet today.

Dr. Cindy said without a doubt, they are all negative!!!  They are so adorable and should be available for adoption in about a month.  I'll get pictures up soon.  They are the font kittens - the two males are orange classic marble tabbies with white (Garamond and Palantino), a calico (Verdana), and a tabbico (Cambria). I'm so happy!

15 years of doing rescue and never had any test positive for FeLV until this year.  It's a horrible disease, so very contagious.


Random Felines said...

OMC!!!!! We went through this last year and it scares mom every time. We are glad everyone is negative!! Can't wait to see pics.

catastrophegirl said...

yay! they are so adorable. i need to sneak in and get videos of them. on a side note, widget and boomer saw dr cindy today. so she saw itty bitty kitties and what are apparently two of the largest cats she's ever seen in the same day

Katie Isabella said...

h bless them and you. xoxoxo to you all 5!

meowmeowmans said...

This is just wonderful news! We are so happy to hear all those babies tested negative! :)

Thank you for loving these little ones (and all the other kittehs, too) so much. You guys are awesome!