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Monday, May 14, 2012

Eventful week

Adoption Program
After two very slow weekends - no adoptions, almost unheard of for us to have two weekend with no adoptions - four of the Sweetie Pie kittens were adopted this weekend:  Hucklberry Pie, Rhubarb Pie (by a previous adopter), and Apple Pie and Strawberry Pie together. 

Barn Cat Program Update
Max and Gus went to an alternative home on Thursday. They went to a living and learning center with residential and vocation programs for adults with autism. The residents and staff were very happy for the cats to move in. They're set up in a building by the garden and barn. I know the big ol' lunkheads (term of affection, they were big cats with big heads) will be very happy. They'll even have 79 acres to roam when they want. Quite a change from the mean streets of NYC - where they came from.  This was a great move for them.

Flopsy was moved to the barn cat program after re-evaluation.  She's such a pretty lady but she was scratching and biting, so no adoptable material (originally she seemed to be feral, but likes belly rubs once in a while).  She went to a property that adopted one of our barn cats two years ago and wanted another barn cat for their second barn.  The first barn cat was a persnickety guy but now he's their mascot and lets people love on him.  They are ok if Flopsy ends up wanting attention but understand if she doesn't. 

The best news is that we were able to find a barn home for three cats that another rescue group had.  These cats most likely should have been TNR'd.  Two of the cats are 2  years old - they have been in a cage since they were 3 months old.  The other has been in a cage for almost a year.  Breaks my heart.  Yes, they were safe living inside but they were a priority because they did not have any quality of life.  Only a few more weeks of being caged and then they have 20 acres to run around and exercise and regain their muscles (they are fat, skin, and fur over bones - no muscles).  The family is so nice and they are putting a cat door into their workshop so the cats have a climate controlled place to hang out when they want.  So happy for these three cats .

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking care of the ferals and semi-ferals out there and finding them great barn homes/alternate homes. So glad they're all going to be safe and happy now. Especially happy for those last three who have lived their lives in cages....heartbreaking! But now they have a bright and FREE future thanks to you! Thank you so much for caring enough to do this for them when most rescues would overlook them as a "lost cause." I've never heard of your group thinking there is any cat out there that is a lost cause. That speaks volumes about you. Your rescue is one of both help and heart!