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Monday, September 14, 2009

Bridgey's first 48 hours in her new home

I wanted to let you know how little Bridgey is doing after the first 48 hours in her new forever home. She has met the two other cats and all three dogs. The cats were happy to have her in the house and greeted her with enthusiasm....a bit too much according to Bridgey. However everything went smoothly and they are all fine together in the "cat room". The have shared the food and water bowls with no incidents at all. (note from tia - the cat room is a room with a cat door that allows the cats to get away and be in a dog free zone when they want.)

She has decided that my boyfriend is her best friend and that his lap belongs to her. She has found perches that are now her thrones throughout the room. She is very interactive with all of us and has decided that she likes our laps especially my son and my boyfriend....She likes to be held and petted continuously while they are playing video games or watching TV. She has been found to watch the TV and games as well. She likes to talk and is very happy and content.

The puppies were very well behaved with her and stayed at a distance until she came to them. She smelled them and tentatively walked around them. Since they did not give chase, she will now come up to greet them and rub her head against them. The older dog was much more excited at meeting her and got a face full of claws for her effort. The dog now approaches with extreme caution and is greeted warmly now.

We have decided to change her name to Raven as we have a Superhero theme with the animals. She seems to like the name and comes when called. I think she is a perfect match and is blending with her new family wonderfully. I will send pictures of her and the other family members as I get them uploaded.

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