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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Please help Wimbledon

Wimbledon and Wilson (our tennis kitties) are recently rescued 5-6 month old grey creme tabbies with bad herpes virus. And it's a good thing, they were rescued when they were because the odds were stacked against them, especialy Wimbledon.

Wilson's vision should be ok with oral antibiotics, L-Lyinse, and antibiotic eye ointment.

Wimbledon is not so lucky. His right eye should be ok with the above treatment per the specialists at Animal Eye Care but his left eye is very bad. His left eye is perforated and has a bacterial infection and needs to be removed (enucleation is the term for eye removal). It is important that we have the surgery as soon as possible so we have scheduled for Friday.

We need your help please. We need to raise money for the surgery and after-care -- including the Animal Eye Care visit, we need to raise about $500.00. And we need a quiet foster home for Wilson and Wimbledon to get better in and for Wimbledon to recover in. The foster home will need to administer oral medication and eye ointment and follow any post-surgery instructions from the doctor.

Please help if you can. We will post pictures soon.

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