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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Poor Love Muffin

Love Muffin with all her glorious fur
Love Muffin is one of my personal cats. I adopted her and her sister, Lambchop, from the SPCA about four years ago. My neighbor was fostering a litter for the SPCA and the second I saw Love Muffin, I fell in love with her. And who could resist Lambchop (aka Trouble) - certainly not me. Debbie fostered the L's for about five months as we battled ringworm, giardia, etc. I went up to her house almost every night and spent time with the cats, helped do baths, medicine, etc. So after five months, I couldn't bear the thought of not having Love Muffin and Lambchop around so I adopted them.

The girls are Norweigen Forest Cat mixes and are gorgeous. Lambchop absolutely loves to be brushed, but Love Muffin hates it and throws a hissy fit. Unfortunately, because Love Muffin does not like to be brushed at all, she had some mats that I couldn't get out so yesterday she was shaved. My poor beautiful girl is quite embarrassed. Of course it doesn't help that mama can't stop laughing at here -- she has a big ol' head because of the long hair and a little body now -- she looks like a kitty bobblehead toy.

So here's Love Muffin, starring in "If Looks Could Kill". Try not to laugh too hard.

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