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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Updated on Biscuit (formerly Justina) adopted this weekend

Subject: Justina AKA Biscuit
Just wanted to let you know that Biscuit did GREAT yesterday! She was a little nervous as soon as we let her out of the box, of course, but we showed her her home in the closet under the stairs and she loved it. She used the litter, ate, slept with her head on the pillow you gave us. . .seemed right at home! We would go in and sit with her and she began to purr SO loudly!

Finally last night, around 10, she ventured out of her home and played like a wild woman for hours. We stayed up until midnight with her. It was great! This morning, she was excited to see us. She had used the litter box, and she's been out and about meowing and figuring this new world out.We absolutely adore her. Thank you for all your help. We'll keep you updated, and check my facebook page for pictures!

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