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Friday, September 18, 2009

Wimbledon Update

Wimbledon (~5-6 months old)
  • Rescued on 9/13/09 with severe herpese virus and perforated left eye
  • Exam and biomicropsy on 9/15/2009
  • Surgery for eye enucleation (removal) on 9/18/09
When first rescued on Sunday, Wimbledon was not able to open his left eye at all. After seeing the animal opthamologist, and being on oral and topical antibiotics, he was able to open his eye some but it was quite horrific to look at.

Above is Wimbledon on Thursday, 9/17 before surgery. He looks like a big adult cat in this picture but it's the angle and how close we were when taking the photo. He's actually smaller than average size 5-month old cat. He's quite skinny so we'll be fattening him up as well.

The above picture is after his surgery while still at the vet's office.

Wimbledon is now at home recovering from his surgery. Look closely and you'll see the stitches where they removed his eye. Poor baby. But now he won't be in all that pain from a perforated eye and we'll get him healthy and find a great home for him.

Wimbledon's eye was so bad that we had to act fast to help him. But we need your help please. We need donations to help cover the cost of his surgery and ongoing medical care. Between the cost of the animal eye care specialist, his surgery today, and follow-up/ongoing care, we need to raise $500 for Wimbledon's vet care.

We would also like to extend a huge thanks to Michelle and Jeff, the couple in Charlotte, NC that adopted Daisy and Dakota (the "twin engines" because they have such great purr motors) for opening their hearts and homes to Wimbledon while he recovers from his surgery. They are also going to foster Wilson, Wimbledon's brother, since they will be on almost the same medication regime. Wilson is lucky, the herpes virus in his eyes isn't as bad, no ulcerations and he is already doing better after being on the oral antibiotics and antibiotic eye cream for less than a week.

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