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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The "inn" is full, but...

..what do you do when you see a kitten in the middle of the road and especially in fox country (near a river, lots of foxes)? Pick it up and take it in of course and continue to try to catch the other two.

Here's the little guy hollering - he's about 7 weeks old and what a super sweetheart. He was weighed, dewormed, deflead, vaccinated, etc. last night. He's safe inside right now being quarantined in a bathroom. He looks like a regular tuxedo kitten in this picture, but he actually has a unique deep charcoal with ash undertones and almost tabby stripes where the black usually is on a tuxedo cat. I can't actually say that I have seem one that looks quite like him -- could be that he grows up to look like my Bailey boy (dark gray tabby with white).

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james said...

This is too funny. It seems like it is in a washroom and someone goes inside so as nature of female of shouting. It's shouting "why did you came in?? I am already here and I will use washroom first.."LOL.
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