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Monday, July 19, 2010

Adoptions this weekend

Montana, Nevada (aka Princess Girl Cat), and Madeira were all adopted this weekend. 

Montana and Nevada were part of the US States kittens -- the kittens from the mobile home park where we TNR'd over 23 adult cats.  Some of the kittens were born within hours of the mama cats being trapped, and some were born in the trap just minutes after mama was trapped.  And then some were born before their mamas were trapped but we were able to get the kittens and the mamas.

Madeira came from a backyard feral colony and was to be TNR'd but we discovered how sweet she was.  At 12-13 weeks old, that's quite a miracle.  She did have a cropped ear because she was trapped the night before her spay and it was only her spay did we realize she was adoptable.  So for Madeira, the cropped ear was just a different kind of beauty mark.

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