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Monday, July 19, 2010

Updates on some of our adopted babies

Below are a few updates on some of our recently adopted babies.  Karen does a great job following up with all of our adopters.  I honestly don't know how we ever managed without her.  She keeps all the medical records straight, keeps us on track for who is due for vaccinations when, who is due for spay/neuter, takes the vet info and creates the health records that go home with the cats, created and maintains the database, fosters cats/kittens, helps out at adoption and other events, and pretty much anything else we need help with.  She's just fantastic and we are lucky to have her volunteer with us.

Bessie and Bandit: Hi, Bessie and Bandit are a delight and they have adjusted very well to our household. Bessie is such a lovable kitten we really enjoy all her snuggles. In fact, she is so cuddly that my husband has claimed her as 'his' cat because he says she purrs loudest for him. Bandit is great fun and has had us all laughing so many times with his anticks. they have both made friends with our other cats and our dog (I know they would) and we are so happy to have adopted them both. There names are going to stay Bessie and Bandit. I do want to thank you and your organization for what you do. To many people are too busy with their lives to take the time to see that they could help and even fewer people are willing to give freely of their time to do so. It makes me feel so good to be part of a community where there are people who care. Thank you all for what you do and thank you for saving Bessie and Bandit.

Isaak Newton has apparently settled in wonderfully. He's doing great and getting along fine with their other cat. She said though she has always previously gotten her cats from shelters she will not do that again because she thinks the foster home care that Isaak received is key to how well-socialized he is.  She says she is telling everyone she knows about Alley Cats and Angels and how wonderful the cats are.

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meowmeowmans said...

What wonderful updates! These kinds of happily ever afters just make my day! :)