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Monday, July 26, 2010

Great week for the cats

Adoption News
We adopted out six kittens this past weekend.  All of the Star Wars kittens (Artoo, Chewie, Leia, and Luke) were adopted their first weekend attending adoption events.  New Bern and Django were also adopted. 

We had 11 more kittens spayed last week and about that many will be done this week so new kittens are always available.  Oklahoma and Utah put on quite a show in the adoption center and I'm very surprised they didn't get adopted so fingers crossed that this week will be their week.  And I'm a bit stumped as to why little "bunny butt" hasn't been adopted yet. Zena, our manx, is just fantastic.  Bo Peep is a manx also and was spayed Friday the 23rd so she'll be available for adoption this weekend.

Feral Cat Assistance/TNR News
Our TNR Task Force TNR'd almost 10 cats this week.  Great work Tricia and Marie P., the kitties would say thank you if they could.

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