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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Meet "Mini Kitty"

On Sunday, June 27th during our adoption event at Petsmart, we were given a sweet little kitten.  The kitten was found under a grill.  The lady that found her is pregnant, moving, and was overwhelmed so she left her with us.  When Jill and Dan came to pick up Hugh from the adoption event, they went home with something a little extra (the little kitten for quarantine in the hall bathroom).  Jill started called her Lagniappe,  which means a little something extra.  We all thought cute name, let's go with it, until hubby kept calling kitten "little lap dance" (I must admit Lagniappe is hard to remember/pronounce and calling her "little lap dance" is hysterically funny).  So until her real name is decided, she's now called Mini Kitty. 

Mini Kitty is a sweet little girl that won't stop purring and is now 6.5 weeks old.  She's a beautiful brown marble tabby with white bib and feet.

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