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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Meet the Blue Jean Babies

These babies were rescued from the back deck of an empty house back in May when we got a call from a realtor that found them.  The kittens were around 3.5 weeks old and were very sickly and malnourished.  They went to a foster home where they were bottle fed until they were well enough to eat on their own and then moved to a different foster home.  Lee is one of the kittens that went to the specialist at Animal Eye Care when she was only about 7 weeks old and she had cataracts - but the vet thought it might resolve on its own as she continued to receive proper nutrition. 

These four will be spayed/neutered and receive the rest of their vetting tomorrow.  They are now big and strong and healty and available for adoption after the weekend. 
Levi is the black kitten, Wrangler is the grey creme tabby and Lee and Jordache are the dilute torbies -- they are practically twins.

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