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Monday, August 16, 2010

Adoption Update

Well, after several big weekends of adoptions, it was a slower weekend.  Two kittens were adopted but the adoptions has been in the works for a few weeks because of vacation schedules, etc. of adoptive family.  Damien and Buzz Lightyear were adopted.

We are moving a bunch of kittens into the PetSmart Knightdale adoption center tonight and we will be there for two weeks (August 16-August 29).  And then we move into the PetSmart Capital Blvd/Millbrook Rd adoption center for three weeks (August 30-September 19) and then back to PetSmart Knightdale for two weeks (September 20-October 3).  We will "rotate" the cats and kittens in the adoption center on a weekly basis so they aren't caged too long.  And we'll have additional cats/kittens each weekend at adoption events in table top cages. 

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