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Monday, August 30, 2010

Cassie's Eye Surgery Scheduled

Remember Cassie - the kitten we took in at two weeks old that has upper eyelid agenesis?  Well, she is now old/big enough, she went back to Animal Eye Care for her exam last week to determine the next steps for her. 

Cassie is blind in her right eye but has vision in her left eye and we need to work quick to preserve that.  She is so funny when she plays - she loves chasing balls and feathers (and her sister's tail!).  Kind of like she's showing off that despite her handicap, she's a normal kitten. 

Cassie's surgery is scheduled for this Thursday, September 2.  She will have an eye enucleation (removal) on her right eye and cyrogenic surgery on her left eye to remove the hair around the eye.  Next steps will be creating an eyelid for the left eye. 

Cassie's surgery is going to be expensive, and we've had so many extreme medical cases lately.  If anyone is interested in donating, donations can be made via paypal from our website or checks mailed to Alley Cats and Angels, PO Box 785, Apex, NC 27502.  Please mark donations "Cassie eye surgery fund".  Thank you.

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meowmeowmans said...

Purring and praying for Cassie!