We Want You to Foster!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Young, single, gray & white neutered male seeks Lovely Lady (or Gentleman) for late night chats, snuggling and long naps in front of the fireplace or on the vent

Ian is a sweet and playful kitten with super soft fur. In his foster home he's become a big lap cat and is the first to get up on his foster mother's lap when she sits on the couch at home. He also likes to help her when she's on the computer by walking on the keyboard and batting at pictures on the screen. Laptops are also nice to sit on because they're so warm.

Sometimes his foster mom makes cards for the rescue in her craft room and he likes to sit on the table and try out the different stamping inks with his pink and white feet. Those bright colors sure show up on his little feet!

Ian gets along well with other cats and even the corgi at the foster home. He's been good with older children, but he doesn't do as well with smaller or more energetic children. Not that Ian doesn't love to play, he's just fairly laid back and would like some quiet time and a nice nap after a show-down with the spinny ball toy.

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