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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It would be nice if cats came with a clock...(and, oh no, not more kittens!!)

A clock that says "hey, I'm pregnant and have been that way for XX days"!!!!

Read a facebook posting early this morning from one of our TNR Task Force leaders "Adventures in TNR: feral cat scheduled for spay this morning is now giving birth in a trap at my house.  Let the good times roll."  Now, we all love kitties but we have had so many this season - and still have a lot to be adopted out - that my first thought was "oh goody" with that playing over and over in my head in a very sarcastic tone. 

The clock would come in handy because you could look at the clock and think better catch this cat fast, she's my priority, she's 46 days pregnant or oh crap, she's 61 days along, she could give birth any second.

So feral mama only gave birth to one kitten.  After several hours with no more babies appearing, she went to see Dr. Teresa at Magnolia and two more babies were delivered.  One is doing well - vocalized almost immediately.  The other one was much slower to vocalize but has a strong heartbeat but it's really wait and see with that one.  All babies are with their mama now.  The kittens are now born so there's no more sarcastic "oh goody".  Now it's "come on little one, be a fighter, you can do it.  please be ok".

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Susan said...

That is my Mama Keke and her beautiful black kittens.Finally she has a litter where everyone is safe instead of down in the storm drains where she's had the last 2 litters.Thank you Alley Cats and Angels for saving Keke and her precious bunch.She always has adorable kittens and these are no exception..they are the only ones to be all black though.Thanks for all you do to better the lives of God's precious creatures..even the feral ones!!!