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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Update on Cassie - Emergency Surgery Today

As noted in an earlier posting, Cassie saw the specialist at Animal Eye Care last week - Friday afternoon - and now that she's big/old enough, they wanted to do surgery as soon as they had an opening so her surgery was scheduled for Thursday of this week. 

Unfortunately, Cassie had a really bad night and her bad eye may have ruptured overnight.  She's at Animal Eye Care right now and she'll have emergency surgery today to remove that eye.  Poor baby girl. 

Lots of warm thoughts and lots of love for Cassie today.  And for her foster mom, Karen, who's having a really bad day with her foster baby in surgery.  Planned surgery is bad enough, when it's moved up to emergency, it's very stressful. 


meowmeowmans said...

Oh no, poor Cassie. We are praying and purring that her surgery went well. Please let us know how she is doing when you are able.

mellocat said...

Thanks for your concern! Cassie is home now, and dozing in my lap. She ate a little and used the litterbox and generally seems to be doing well. Hopefully she will recover quickly....

meowmeowmans said...

We hope so, too. Thank you for the update. Purrs and prayers.