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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

DeMartino and Graham Cracker find new homes during our adoption event this past weekend

DeMartino and Graham Cracker were both adopted this weekend.

DeMartino has been in our adoption program since July 2008. There's nothing wrong with De, in fact he's a fantastic cat. But as a new rescue group, we haven't had much exposure so De didn't have much exposure. This weekend, he was a favorite again as people stopped by to visit the cats during our weekend adoption event. But when John came by, it didn't take him long to realize De was the cat for him. Congratulations John on adopting one terrific cat.

Graham Cracker - previously returned because of allergeries - was also adopted. His new family is going on vacation this week but wanted to make sure they were able to make Graham the newest member of their family so we went ahead with the adoption contract but we're keeping Graham until April 22nd. He is currently in another foster home until then.

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