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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How many gray kitties can fit in one donut shaped cat bed?

Well this time, it was three and they seem to fill the bed quite well. Meet Katie Lou (top), Silver (bottom left), and Snowcap (bottom right). These cats were all rescues from a feral colony and are not really the friendliest of my kitties but I love them all the same. They seem to be happy, eat, sleep. Love to play and snuggle with each other and other cats. They never try to go outside - the door opens and they run in the opposite direction. Silver does allow me to pet and brush him when he asks for it. Katie Lou and Snowcap not so much -- although Katie Lou does jump up in bed with me now (but I can't get a big head, she only does it to sleep next to my cat Bailey, who she loves dearly).

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