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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The things we do for the cats...

We've done so many barn relos lately and my old car just doesn't quite cut it. It's a real struggle to fit a 48-inch cage in the car along with all the items we loan and provide for the relos. If we are relocating 3 or more cats, I have to find someone to drive me in their SUV or truck or call my daddy and have him drive. Also with the adoption events, fitting all the cat filled carriers in my car is quite the ordeal. And Marie has to take everything else with her (cages, adoption bin holding all our paperwork, etc.). Plus my car was not mechanically sound so

So Monday (yesterday), I bought an SUV. Now anyone that does animal rescue knows car payments are something most rescuers can't afford, but sometimes it's just necessary. I did buy a pre-owned car, but it's in immaculate condition and with the great price bought a very reliable dealership (J&M Chevrolet in Zebulon, NC -- my parents have bought all their last vehicles from J&M) and the monthly payments were pretty low. Well, until I added in the premium protection warranty (actually a very good warranty, not like most extended warranties) including tires and rims and dent wizard. All told the payment is a bit higher than I wanted to fork out each month, but worth it for a vehicle that's large enough for rescue. And one that's reliable with a really good warranty.
I bought a tarp today for the back when we pick up cages from the barn homes. I also bought a larger rubbermaid tote to keep all my feral cat feeding supplies together and nice and neat. However, those of you that know me know my car is usually well a pit. So anyone want to place bets on how long I can keep the inside of this one clean?!

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Rags to Riches Cat Rescue said...

WOW, congratulations on the new SUV. You will love it. Yep, sorry about those payments but it will be worth it.

Now I have never seen the inside of you vehicle but I know how particular you are with your cats and that is what counts.