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Monday, April 20, 2009

Volunteer Spotlight - Barb and Rich

Alley Cats and Angels would like to recognize Rich and Barb Cunningham for all they do for the cats.

Barb and Rich come over several times weekly to shower the cats with love and attention. They transport items to and from yard sales in their truck. They've temporarily fostered a bunch of cats when new flooring was putting in the second cat room. And right now, they are fostering Coco.

Barb is the official kitty taxi. She transports the cats to and from all medical appointments. She is so flexible and accommodating and we very much appreciate it.

Rich is our handyman. In the process of putting a ceiling fan in the first cat room. Has already put a cat door in the door that heads into one of the rooms that houses litter boxes. There are really too many things to count and again, all greatly appreciated.

And starting this week, Barb and Rich will take care of the cats two days a week. That includes litter box duty and food and water. WOW, that is such a huge help and the words thank you are really not enough to express how grateful we are. Barb and Rich - thank you very much. You don't know how much this means to us.

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