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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Updated Pictures of the "Singers"

Born on February 19th and abandoned in a box at the end of a horse farm with their mom while they were only a couple hours old, these kittens are simply delightful. Although I don't know what it was about them tonight, but half of them insisted in getting a foot in the picture. :-)

Of the six kittens, two are boys (Smokey - the black kitten and Fabian the gray/brown tabby) and four are female (Aretha - the tortie and three orange tabby girls - Chelsea, Jewel, and Thumbelina [also called Tink]). Yes, three orange tabby girls. Female orange tabbies are not all that common. Over 85% of all orange tabbies (no white) are male. Apparently, in order to get an orange female you need a mating between an orange male and a tortie female (or an orange female). If it is to a tortie female half the female kittens will be orange and the other half tortie. If you mate orange male to orange female all are orange.The inheritance is sex-linked as the gene for orange/red series colouration is on the XY sex chromosomes.
Thumbelina aka Tink



Fabian (adoption pending spay/neuter)

Chelsea (adoption pending spay/neuter)


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