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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Updated pictures of Kitten Batch 1

Ginny, our newest foster parent sent pictures of the kittens she is currently fostering. The kittens are quite a handful (very fun and entertaining handful) that it makes it hard to get a picture of all six of them together. These are the first set of kittens we took in - they were born on February 19th. Their names are:
  • Smoky: DSH black kitten, male
  • Aretha: DSH tortie, female -- her tortie colors are coming through more each day
  • Fabian: DSH gray tabby, male
  • Three DSH orange tabbies - ALL FEMALE!!: Chelsea, Jewel, and Thumbelina

Now they are all named after singers except Thumbelina. And she's named Thumbelina because actually sucked her little "thumb", we have a picture of it. So adorable.

Above: Smoky, Aretha, and one of the orange girls

Above: Smoky -- let me tell you this boy has personality galore. What a lover.

Above: See Aretha's tortie markings starting to show more on her face.
Above: Fabian and the girls (I can't tell who's who from the pictures!!)
Above: Aretha and two of the orange girls (again, no idea who's who from just the pictures!!)

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Ginny & Devon's home for odd thoughts said...

The orange girls with Fabian and Aretha are Jewel and Chelsea.