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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Always bet on black - you can't go wrong

Did you know that black cats are the ones most likely to be passed over for adoption? Black cats are also the most likely to be euthanized at kill shelters, and the least likely to be rescued.

Black cats are great but often seem to get passed over for adoption in favor of felines that have multiple colors. Some people are superstitious because they think encountering a black cat is bad luck. Some people see the black color as bland with no distinguishing characteristics. Well, one definite distinguishing characteristic about black cats I can think of is that in all my years of rescue, black cats have some of the best purrsonalities. I say “always bet on black – you can’t go wrong).

Check out Othello (all black kitten) and Conrad (black and white, mostly black) kitten. They are snuggly lapcats but will also keep you entertained with all their playing and acrobatics.

P.S. A fun reason to adopt a black cat: dark fur won’t show up on that black dress as easily!

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