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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thank you donors

With the economy struggling, donations have been way down. We don't necessarily check the post office box every day, we can now check it weekly instead and the only thing waiting for us lately has been invoices from our veternarian supply or for microchips, etc. The other night we were discussing what we needed to order and wonderered about the minimum quantity of Advantage Multi (recommended by our vet) we had to purchase when buying directly from Bayer because funds are extremely tight. We have extremely low administrative costs (web hosting, rescue email, rescue phone, and we get a few items printed (adoption contract and health record in carbonless triplicate). Several board members pay for a lot of things out of own pockets. We've had foster parents purchase cat food and donate it to other foster homes. Money is very tight. We do the proverbial "pinch a penny until it screams" and stretch every dollar.

We've had a few donations trickle in and we have our one monthly cat sponsor who sends $20 every month. And for those donations I couldn't be more grateful. Times are tough and a $20 donation is fantastic. And to get a monthly cat sponsor in this economy is incredible. I know there have been times when I struggled to find $20 to get through the last two weeks of the month to buy groceries and gas. So when I say every dollar donated is appreciated, I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

We've had quite a few unexpected vet bills these past two months and I know everything always works out, but it can be worrisome at times.

Imagine my surprise when I checked email this week and found notifications of several Paypal donations. $20, $100, and $500. I had to close email and open it again because we typically get less than $100 in donations a month right now. And then I almost fell off my chair. The email that accompanied the $500 donation said "Doesn't the Lord work in wondrous ways? Normally I would not be able to do this - but I was blessed and can." Yes, he does...

Words cannot quite express our extreme gratitude for all of these donations. All I can really say is a most heartfelt thank you. And to let our donors know, no matter what the amount - donors, you make a huge difference in the lives of our rescued cats. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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