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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Our biggest needs right now

The following lists our most immediate needs for the rescue at this time. If you can help, the cats and the humans of Alley Cats and Angels will very much appreciate it. We are 501c3, so donations are tax deductible.

Monetary Donations: As always, money is our biggest need. Up until the past two months, we have been very lucky this year not to have incurred huge vet bills over and above the usual (FeLV/FIV testing, spay/neuter, exams, vaccinations, etc.). However, the past two months, we have had quite a few vet bills for kittens that were seriously ill upon intake, kitten hit by a car before rescued, kitten with eye problem, etc. We could use help paying these bills. We also need to purchase large amounts of Advantage Multi for the cats. Our vet recommends Advantage Multi because along with killing fleas, it helps prevent heartworms and also treats ear mites in cats. We need these in all sizes (kitten [2-5 pounds], and both adult sizes [5.1-9 pounds and 9+ pounds]).

Cat food:

  • Right now our biggest need is Purina One Healthy Kitten formula
  • But we also need Purina One Adult in Chicken and Rice formula

Adoption event supplies: We have been able secure additional adoption venues which means some weekends we have two seperate adoption events at different locations. Now this is a very good thing but it means we need some additional supplies for our adoption events. We need:

  • Six more 24-inch black wire dog cages (black to match the ones we already have). These small cages are the perfect size for tabletop cages at adoption events. We have had five new cages donated, we just need one more 24-inch cage.
  • A four-foot long folding table (the kind with adjustable height legs and folds in half so easily fits in a car and can be carried by one person) [approximately $45 at BJ's, Sams Club, Target]
  • A six-foot long folding table (the kind that folds in half so easily fits in a car and can be carried by one person) [approximately $50-60 at BJ's, Sams Club, Target]

Barn Cat Program: we need to either raise the money for additional cages and supplies for the barn cat program or have cages donated. We use the 48-inch long wire dog cages for the barn cat program. Because the cats are confined for several weeks, these cages are large enough to give them some room to move around. We could use at least four more 48-inch wire dog cages.

Adoption program cages: We need at least four more 36-inch wire dog cages for quarantining incoming cats. The 36-inch cages are also the idea size for feral kittens that need a lot of socializing (larger than 36-inches, can't always reach all the way into the back and touch the little monkeys). We received notification of two 36-inch cages today (8/6). We still need at least two more 36-inch cages.

Again, if you can help with any of these items, we would be extremely grateful. It's all for the cats. All donations are tax deductible

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