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Saturday, August 8, 2009

A week in blessings

This week has truly been a week in blessings for Alley Cats and Angels. As a newer rescue, not many people know about us; therefore we do not typically get many donations (money or supplies) but we get along ok. But this week, the tide changed and we were not only blessed with monetary donations, we were blessed with some items on our wish list:
  • Five 24-inch cages for adoption events
  • Two 36-inch cages that we use for quarantine or to house more feral kittens that need to be tamed (able to reach all the way in, 48-inch cages not good for feral kittens, they can scrunch themselves all the way to the back)
  • Kitten food
  • Six-pack of Advantage Multi which treats fleas, ear mites, and helps prevent heartworms in cats

We would like to thank everyone that helps support the cats. We are all thankful for you, our kitty guardian angels.

And the icing on the cake: we adopted out two cats today. Dexter and Majik went to new homes.

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meyjsc said...

Yeah for Dexter!!! I will be sure to let his sister and brother know :-)