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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ode to Cats (from a dog lover)

The following was written by one of our foster homes. I had tried for many many years to get our front office administrator at work to adopt a cat but she’s always been a dog person. After 10 years, I finally talked her into it! And now she’s smitten. Cherri wrote the below out her experience with cats.

An ode to cats by Cherri J.

I have never had a cat in my life. I have always had dogs which I dearly loved. Dogs love you unconditionally. They greet you when you come home. They think you are God’s gift to the universe. They are a true blessing.

Tia has been trying to get me to adopt a cat for almost 10 years but dogs were always my thing. She told me about Gracie and I saw Gracie on the website for “Alley Cats and Angels”. She stood out from all of the rest as she had a striking nose. It looks as if someone just threw some black paint and it landed right on her nose. She also stood out because she was bigger than a lot of the other cats (a little chubby perhaps). Gracie is eight years old and just had one owner all her life but her owner had some rough times, lost her home, and had to give up Gracie. Thank goodness, she had the presence of mind to contact Alley Cats and Angels about Gracie. Gracie was used to being the “top banana” in her home and now she was with quite a few other cats. Tia said Gracie was becoming withdrawn and a little depressed after joining her first foster home and asked if I would foster her.

I decided to foster Gracie and since I have no other pets, she could once again be top banana. I was a little uneasy as I have never been around cats before! Well, I thought I was doing Gracie a favor but she instead did me a favor by coming into my life. I did not have to learn anything on my own as Gracie taught me everything I needed to know about her. When I come home at night; I step inside and call Gracie’s name and she in turn answers me with a loud “meow” and comes running downstairs. She now rolls over on her back so that I can rub her tummy. She is right by my side the rest of the evening. Sometimes when I come home she is sitting on my chair as if she is entertaining. She is such the Lady.

Needless to say, I am going to adopt Gracie but wanted to share my story with all the “dog lovers”. Cats too will certainly teach you about love and patience. Gracie is now a big part of my life and I am so thankful for her.

Note from Tia: Cherri keeps all of us at work entertained with her tales of how Gracie is doing. Gracie has certainly blossomed again and now she’s found the purrfect new forever home. And Cherri has found a wonderful lifelong companion.

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