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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We do make a difference

Everywhere we look, we see the effects of the economy. We are getting more and more requests from people who are losing their homes asking us to take in their cats; more requests from shelters asking us for help; and even more calls from people that have found friendly cats/kittens or kittens born into feral colonies that can be tamed. We are trying our best to help as many people and their cats as we can. But we often find ourselves having to turn people away. We simply cannot help everyone, we cannot take in cats from every request we get – we have no available foster homes. And it is during these times that it is easy to become depressed and disheartened. And it’s during these times that it’s easy to forget all the happy stories of the cats finding their forever homes.

But there are happy stories. So far this year, Alley Cats and Angels has adopted out 55 cats – and keep in mind we are a newer, very small rescue with only a few foster homes and a few volunteers. 55 cats is what we thought we would be able to rescue and adopt out in all of 2009. We have also found good safe barn/garden homes for over 60 feral/semi-feral cats this year. That is 115+ cats that have found safe homes this year, cats whose lives would most likely not have a happy ending without the help of Alley Cats and Angels. And while it is true that we can't help everyone, we are still making a difference in the lives of many cats each and every day.

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