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Friday, September 24, 2010

Donors - thank you, you do make a big difference

With the economy struggling, donations have been way down, but our donors still come through for the cats.  Donations trickle in, $10 here, $20 there.  A recent donation of $15 was accompanied by a note of "I'm sorry, I wish I could do more, but it's all we can afford right now".  Please don't feel sorry, that $15 donation covered vaccinations for 2 cats through our Alter an Alley Cat fund, or one FeLV/FIV test kit, or one microchip.  Those "small" donations add up.  Five $10 donations will sponsor a spay/neuter of a feral cat or cat owned by family with limited income.  Your donations, how matter the size, make an incredible difference in the lives of the cats in the Triangle, NC area.

Because of your generous donations (and some fundraising), we don't have to hesitate to send an animal to a specialist.  Our cats get all the medical care they need, no matter how costly.  Because of your donations:
  • We were able to co-sponsor a spay day in February (with Paw Prints Animal Rescue) that spayed/neutered 9 dogs and 16 cats
  • We are able to hold a $10 spay for feral cats in honor of National Feral Cat Day (for 12 cats)
  • We have been able to spay/neuter and vacciante 99 cats (as of yesterday, 9/23/10) through our Alter an Alley Cat program.  Of these, over 90% were fully funded by Alley Cats and Angels and about 6% were subsidized at 50-75% by Alley Cats and Angels
  • We have been able to take in and fully treat cats with severe medical issues
Words cannot quite express our extreme gratitude for all of these donations. All I can really say is a most heartfelt thank you. And to let our donors know that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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catastrophegirl said...

the change jar labelled 'alley cats and angels' yielded $7 so far this month that i can drop off with the bears. even the pennies help