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Monday, September 27, 2010

Cassie, a super sweet one-eyed kitten, is searching for her forever home

Sweet sweet Cassie is fully recovered from her eye surgery and is looking for her forever home. Cassie is about 5 months old - her estimated date of birth is April 22, 2010.

Cassie's story from her point of view: I was found with my sister CeCe, locked in the attic of a house being remodeled, when we were just a couple of weeks old. CeCe looked fine, but even when I was a tiny little thing it was clear there was something wrong with my eyes. They had something called eyelid agenesis (which means my eyelids were not properly formed), and my right eye was small and cloudy. The doctors at the eye hospital suspected I could not see out of my right eye, and recommended that once I was old enough I have a procedure to help keep the hair growing above my eyes from irritating them. I never let my poor eyesight slow me down, though. I love chasing balls and string toys and anything that moves. To look at how I play you would not know there was anything different about my eyesight. Just as I got old enough to have surgery, my right eye began to swell and develop glaucoma. The doctors then said I had definitely had no sight in that eye, and recommended removing it. So when I went in for my eye surgery the right one was removed and the left one had the procedure to help keep the hair out of my eyes: now I'm a pirate kitty! I have fully recovered from my eye surgery and am now ready to find my permanent home - my sister CeCe has already found hers and I don't want to be too far behind! When I'm not playing like a wild child, I like to settle down near foster mom and keep her company, I sleep on the bed with her at night too. I'm not always fond of being held, but I do like attention and will purr when foster mom I get petted.

It is possible that Cassie may need an additional surgery on her left eye in the next few months but the specialists at Animal Eye Care said it is too soon to tell. If Cassie does require additional surgery, the surgery wil be fully funded by Alley Cats and Angels so please don't let that stop you from considering adding her to your family.

Cassie - really not that big, just looks like it in the picture!

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cats of wildcat woods said...

Will pass this on in hopes we can find a wonderful home for Cassie!