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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Meet Sunny...with a chance

There's a television show on the Disney Channel called "Sonny with a Chance", well, this little kitten is named Sunny and after several weeks of working to get her turned over to our care and finally succeeding, she is now Sunny with a Chance.

Sunny and her siblings, three pretty tabby kittens, were born to a feral mom and were finally relinquished into our care.  Sunny has a head trauma with some part of the skull visible.  However, other than her head, she appears to be healthier than her siblings.  Her siblings are terribly underweight for their age.  Sunny and her siblings have an appointment with Dr. Jodi at Harmony Animal Hospital today so we can work on getting these babies all healthy and happy and then find them great homes.  Pictures of the tabby siblings forthcoming.


Gustave said...

I know this is really really old, but what happened to her head? do you know?

Alley Cats and Angels of North Carolina said...


We posted some later updates on her, but it's believed that while she was outside before she came to Alley Cats and Angels, that something attacked her.

She was at the vet for almost two weeks so they could do special wet to dry bandages which had to be stitched to her head. She healed up fine and was quickly adopted.