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Monday, September 13, 2010

Super Adoption Weekend was a Big Success

Alley Cats and Angels held seven adoption events from Friday night to yesterday (Sunday) afternoon.  Seventeen (17) cats and kittens were adopted and we have several more applications as a result of the adoption events. 

News 14 Carolina came by the Capital/Millbrook location yesterday and took some video of the kittens playing and a did an interview with one of our volunteers.  Dana did a great interview - only a small snipet of the interview actually made it on the air but some great shots of the cats, our banner, and another volunteer talking with potential adopters (family submitted an online application later that day - they want to adopt two sibling brothers, preferrably tabbies, so we'll arrange a meet and greet with some good matches in the next few days).

Thank you to everyone that worked the adoption events this weekend.  We really appreciate it, as do the cats.  And thank you to our adopters. 

The following cats and kittens were adopted: Levi, Lion-o, Twin, Sneaky, Roo, Katie, Taffy, Jasper, Toothless, Piglet, Rainbow Sherbert, California, Hawaii, Xerox, CeCe, Lee, and Wrangler.

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