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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Photo Series: "Things Gretel is Small Enough To Do"

Gretel only weighs about half a pound, she's a very small girl.  We have two different estimated ages by two different vets so we're going with some place in the middle and thinking 5.5 weeks. Gretel is so small that her foster mom took a series of photos of "things Gretel is small enough to do". 

Here, she is small enough to get "beat up" by her brother, even though he himself weighs less than a pound! (Hansel is actually a very good brother and a sweet baby--he just loves to play.)

Here, she is small enough to sit inside a coffee mug!

Here, she is small enough to listen to some tunes from a My Little Pony-sized boom box!

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cats of wildcat woods said...

Just read all the posts about Sunny and all - hope Sunny does fine and the one with the big ears is a hoot. Will post this on my Facebook and twiter to find them homes.