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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Alley Cats and Angels' New TNR Task Force

Alley Cats and Angels is pleased to announce the addition of Tricia Andrews and Marie Pickering to our Board of Directors. Tricia Andrews and Marie Pickering will head up our expanded Feral Cat Education and Assistance program and lead our newly formed TNR Task Force.  Tricia Andrews and Marie Pickering have tirelessly organized numerous community projects involving feral cats. They have years of experience practicing TNR and educating everyone about the benefits of trap-neuter-return. Between the two, they have TNR’ed hundreds of cats and have made a dramatic impact on the feral cat overpopulation problem. Their dedication to feral cats and TNR is awe-inspiring.

The TNR Task Force is the foot soldier fighting overpopulation -- the initial impact will help curb the growing feral cat population and the benefits will be long lasting as breeding stops, thus helping put an end to the feral cat overpopulation problem. The TNR Task Force as it is yet another step we are taking in our commitment to help end pet overpopulation.

In addition to leading TNR efforts and providing feral cat education, Tricia and Marie will project a strong unified voice for feral cats, and will assist with fundraising for our Alter an Alley Cat program, which subsidizes spay/neuter surgeries for lower-income cat owners and feral cat caregivers.

If you need information on TNR, have questions about feral cats, or are interested in volunteering as part of our TNR Task Force, please email

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