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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yard Sale Results

Our yard sale yesterday was hugely successful. We made $2,066.56 (the extra one cent was a lucky penny we found on the ground!).  But we still have several items that were donated for the yard sale that aren't yard sale material -- items that we will sell on eBay or Craigslist, or other venues (Lenox items, handmade "crazy quilt", Waterford Kings Crystal bowl, brand new Furla Italian Leather purse, 36-inch TV with stand).  All those items, once sold, will add to the yard sale total.

I would like to thank Theo for again being a wonderful and gracious hostess and allowing us to tie up her garage for a weeks on end and for taking such good care of all of us when were there and feeding us Friday and Saturday.  Big thanks to Daryl Ann for all her pre-sorting of items the few weeks leading up to the yard sale and for her research on the larger ticket items and all her other hard work. 

Thanks to everyone that helped picked up donated items and transporting them to the yard sale and/or working the yard sale, we really appreciate your hard work.  So thank you to Daryl, Tricia, Marie P, Karen, Chris, Barb and Rich, my dad, Marie B, JoAnne, Marti, Sam, Chris, Robin, and Jennifer. I really hope I didn't leave anyone out - if i did, my sincere apologies. 

An extra thank you to my nephew, Jordon, who always helps out Aunt Tia when it comes to lifting the heavy stuff for the rescue.  He has helped pick up heavy items for every yard sale we have had in addition to helping when we've had large quantities of food and litter donated. He's helped with other stuff that has directly helped the cats.  He is a very special young man and I love him very much. 

Thanks to Stop Sign Graphics for designing and donating the attention getting yard sale signs and the banner.  The yard sale signs will be used for all our yard sales going forward.  And the banner will get MUCH use.  It will be used at Apex Peak Fest on May 1, the CFA Cat Show on May 8, and a mini-fair in Holly Springs on June 5 (and that's just what's already planned!).

Thanks to Excess Storage for providing us with a storage unit for the second yard sale in a row for half the normal rental price.  Thanks to Marti for letting us use her storage building to store items and for letting us start to store items there already for our fall yard sale (all Christmas decor donated for this yard sale will be stored until our fall yard sale).  We had a lot of items donated - we needed a lot of storage space!

Thank you everyone that did the "no rain" dance!  It did rain overnight pretty heavily but the items not moved back into the garage were well protected by all the new tarps donated by Marti.  With the great tarpping jobs (done by Marti) nothing at all ruined by the heavy overnight rain.

And last, but definitely not least, thank you to everyone that donated items for the yard sale. Everyone who asked their friends for items and asked their friends to ask their friends and coworkers, thank you.  If not for you, we wouldn't have had anyting to sell to make money for the kitties.


Michael Richard said...

Awesome to hear! I was the one that gave the 36" mega TV w/ stand... I thought for sure that would have gone. =( I hope you can get SOME thing for it from Craigslist.

Alley Cats and Angels of North Carolina said...

Hey Michael - the TV w/ stand is nice and we are going to try selling it in the Penny Saver or on Craiglist. Either way, we would get more money for it than we would have at the yard sale. Plus, it's really heavy!

catastrophegirl said...

you did most of the tarping and tucking under.
just glad it didn't get too hot for me to be there.