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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We've got babies and they're multiplying...

So I should not make a comment like "this kitten season doesn't seem as bad last kitten season".  In March 2009, we have over 17 kittens that were 6 weeks old or younger.  But so far we've really only had the N kittens and the Alphabet Soup kittens. 
  • Then came Bessie and Bandit last week (the little white kitten with gray tabby mark on head and her brother the brown tabby). 
  • Monday came a little orphan kitten - has been bottle fed since day 1 and is now about 5-6 days old
  • And then later Monday, came a single kitten from the trailer park - about 5 days old, buff)
  • Then came the mama trapped yesterday that gave birth in the back of Marie's car in the trap (3 orange kittens born around 7PM last night)
  • Then last night around 9P, another single kitten from the trailer park.  Most likely sibling of the first buff kitten.  He stayed at my house last night and I syringe fed him throughout the night (easier to see exactly how much he was eating) and then I took him to the two mamas at Marie's house this morning. 
The pictures aren't great, they are all iPhone pictures.

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meowmeowmans said...

Oh, they are so cute. But you're right ... this year's kitten season is really starting to pick up now, isn't it? Yikes!