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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Don't forget the "Faces of Rescue" project

Don't forget the Faces of Rescue Project
Starting April 1, Olga, a talented local artist, will paint portrait of 1 CAT per DAY for 100 DAYS. Each painting will be done in oils on 8x8 canvas or panel and will be available for purchase for $75.00 with 50% of the proceeds donated to Safe Haven for Cats and Alley Cats and Angels. The project is open to any rescued cat.

You can read more about the project and see a portfolio of Olga's paintings (including a painting of Alley Cats and Angels' handsome mancat, Jasper), visit

You can track the progress of the Faces of Rescue project on Olga's blog at

These paintings will make a great gift to a fellow animal lover (or for yourself) and they are real paintings -- not sketches, not prints, paintings -- they are oil painting on canvas.  And they are gorgeous.  And the price can't be beat, only $75 for an original oil painting. 

And a great big thank you to Olga Wagner for doing such a wonderful project.

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