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Friday, April 16, 2010

More kittens - yep you read that right -

Marie was trapping at the trailer park tonight and called saying she had two critical babies - few days old, weak, and very cold.  There were two of them.  I had her rub some karo syrup on their gums and start warming them up.  She took the two to Lisa's house since it was somewhat close (closer than anyone else) and went back to look for more babies.  I got to Lisa's house and we continued to warm them up since their core temperature was too low to feed them.  Once their temp got to be 95, I headed out in search of something to feed them, ran to Lowe's Food and got some goats' milk for a stop gap plan (not to self, put together an emergency pack to keep in car that includes KMR in a can).  As I head back to Lisa's, Marie calls and has another critical - this one is so cold.  I crank the heat all the way up in my car and meet her to get kitten.  By the time I get back to Lisa's we're able to heat the goats' milk and give each of the first two kittens a little bit while Lisa worked to warm the third kitten.  By 11:20, Marie had found one more itty bitty and then two little ones but fat and robust.  That makes 6 more total. We hope they all make it.  Please please I hope they all make it.  I know sometimes in these situations they don't all make it but I rally need them to make it.

There are two buff tabbies, three orange tabbies, and one black kitten.  Terrible picture I know.  This is all of them around 11:40p as they were put into one cardboard box with covered handwarmers and a teddy bear to transport home.  We've gone from 10 young kittens (younger than 12 weeks) on Monday afternoon, to now having 24.

We've gone from 10 young kittens (younger than 12 weeks) on Monday afternoon, to now having 24.

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