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Saturday, April 17, 2010

It's a good day

Yesterday, not so great
Yesterday, we lost one of the critical kittens; he passed away between 1:45 pm and 3:00 pm.  However, so far the other kittens are doing well -- which makes us very happy especially considering how critical the kittens were.  Sometimes it is inevitable.  Sometimes they are too small, too sick, or too weak to survive but we still do everything possible to help them make it but sometimes they just can't.  In all my years of rescue, I've lost a fair number of kittens - some to panluke, some to congenital defects, some to fading kitten syndrome -- and it never gets any easier.  Suffer no more our little buff angel - we love you. 

But today is a great day
Hayley Mills, our little not quite 2-week old half-pound kitten, had emergency surgery today to remove her eye.  Dr. Jodi really wanted to wait until she was bigger but she was not doing very well yesterday - cried all the time and wouldn't eat and seemed to be in pain.  Her foster mom Debbie called Dr. Jodi last night around 10:30 and was told to bring Hayley Mills in this morning.  There are risk with anesthesia always but with a kitten this little, the risks were bigger but the surgery could not wait.  Hayley Mills made it through surgery just fine and is recovering at home over the weekend with one of the clinic vet techs so she can around the clock care.  Hayley - you are a trooper little girl - we might need to change your name to Xena or something because you are a little miniature warrior - what a fighter. That's our girl. 

And another great piece of news -- Cleo and Picasso were adopted together today.  Fantastic young couple with two chocolate labs, we think it's a great match.

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