We Want You to Foster!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My ultimate wish list

Corporate sponsors or enough donations so that we can sponsor the SNAP or POP mobile spay/neuter van for 1-2 days  We have several targeted low-income areas that have about 25-50 cats between the areas that need to be spayed/neutered.  That does not count the 24 cats we have already spayed/neutered from the one trailer park nor does it include the 15 kittens we have taken in from the same trailer park.   But unfortunately with all the spay/neuters we have sponsored through our Alter an Alley Cat fund this year, the fund is running very low and most of the yard sale money will be used to vet the over 40 kitens we currently have in our adoption program.  Being able to sponsor the mobile van for 1-2 days would make a huge impact because they can spay/neuter about 25 cats in one day.  The cost would be approximately $1600 per day.  I hope we can make this a reality, but in the meantime, I can dream.

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