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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Seriously, I think they are falling from the skies...

Tonight brings more kittens -- 6 more kittens. Two kittens from the same trailer park where most of the others have come from (pretty little calico and another orange tabby).   The two are in with the trailer park mamas, but they are very tiny and when the people found one, they found three and one had already passed.  We hope our two little ones will make it but they are very tiny and they needs positive thinking and prayers.  Unfortunately when they are like this, it's really just a wait and see and pray for them. 

And four were an emergency call to our info.  Thanks to Beamer for bottle feeding them right now.  These kitties are gray tabbies, one has some white on him.

We are now up to 33 kittens in our possession (23 of which are under 1 month old) with a committment to take in 15 more from two locations, they just aren't in our hands yet. 

Time for the kittens to stop falling from the sky - please!

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